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  1. Urban

    Great and well explained video. Have seen a few of them since you started the new channel as well. I tend to enjoy visiting and reading blog though. However like the tunes too. My preferred way to desalt Salt fish is same as yours. I prefer to just soak it though It involves changing the water a few times for the salt removed. Very pure water if possible works best to desalt by Osmosis action of water which is how the desalting takes place.

    As well the pieces of the fish tend to be more plump vs shrunken in size if you had boiled the fish to desalt it.

  2. JehanP

    Thanks! Soaking it is my preferred method also but if I do forget to soak it overnight, I will boil it to remove the salt but that’s always the last resort. Thanks for stopping by and for supporting my channel!

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