The most popular patty from the Caribbean is the Jamaican beef patty, it is quite famous.  We have our beef patty which is a bit different in shape as well as flavor.  The Guyanese beef patty has a more buttery crust and the meat filling is seasoned differently but it’s just as good.  I love Jamaican beef patties but the Guyanese beef patty definitely has my heart.  


This recipe completes the trio of guyanese pastries, which are cheese roll, pine tarts and beef patty.  This is a great entertaining recipe and always one of the first things to go whenever it is served.  Its best described as well seasoned ground beef wrapped up in a savory pastry crust.   The crust is buttery and flaky but holds together nicely, this will not crumble on you, it’s perfect!  For me it’s all about the perfect ratio between the crust and the filling and I like it not too thin but not too thick.  

These are perfect picnic food, I mean what’s better than a hand held pie?  I’ve attached a step by step video below and please subscribe to my YouTube Channel if you haven’t already done so!  I’ve had a few people ask about my patty pan and where to find it.  You can’t exactly walk into any store and find these shallow tart pans; mine was given to me by my mom who’s friend sent her a few straight from England.  I haven’t been able to find the ones that are fluted but I did find it on Amazon by searching for mince pie pan.   These can also be done without the pan but I prefer the classic shape of the Guyanese beef patty!  The recipe and video are below so please be sure to check it out!


16-18 patties


  • 1 lb ground beef
  • 2 tsp canola oil
  • 2 garlic cloves, finely chopped
  • 1 small onion, chopped
  • 1 tbsp chopped thyme,
  • 1 tsp finely chopped hot pepper
  • 3 scallion, chopped
  • 1 tsp black pepper
  • salt to taste
  • 1 egg yolk
  • 1 tsp water
  • 2/3 cup cold butter, cut into pieces
  • 2/3 cup shortening
  • 4 cups all purpose flour
  • 3/4 cup water


  1. In a pot over a medium fire heat 2 tsp of canola oil. Saute onions and garlic until tender, add meat, thyme,diced pepper, black pepper, salt.
  2. Cook for about 5 mins stirring to make sure meat doesn't clump. Add 1/4 cup of water and cook for about 20 minutes, until the beef is tender.
  3. Add scallion and cook for 2 mins. Remove from heat and allow to cool.
  4. To make the pastry, in a large bowl add flour, butter and shortening and using your fingers rub the butter and shortening into the flour until it resembles coarse crumbs. Add ice cold water and mix to form a soft dough. Form pastry into a disk then wrap with cling wrap then place into the fridge for 30 minutes.
  5. To make the patties, roll pastry on a well floured surface and cut into 4 inch circles. Place pastry circle in tartlet pan. Dough should come all the way up the sides. Place enough beef mixture to fill, do not overstuff.
  6. In a small bowl mix egg yolk and water with a fork. Baste the edges of the pastry with the egg wash then cover with another 4 inch circle of pastry and press edges together with a fork.
  7. Brush tops with egg wash, prick with a fork and bake in a 375 degree oven for 20 mins or until golden brown.
  8. Allow to cool for a few minutes before carefully removing from tartlet pan and allow to cool before serving.
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*Pastry adapted from Tastes Like Home


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  1. fruit_loop

    oh my.. so ROUND makes it look so much MORE delicious !!
    haha. i’m also officially hungry at 10 pm too xD

    sadly it’s too late to makes these…

  2. Wendy

    Have you ever tried adding a bit of cinnamon to the meat? Tastes great!

  3. JehanP

    No i haven’t tried it with cinnamon but it does sound yummy! I will have to get it a try in the future.

  4. JehanP

    if you click on the word Pastry it is a link to a pastry recipe. It’s the same pastry I used for the Pine tarts.

  5. Titia

    Hi !
    Many thanks for your recipes, i take 3 for my website, and it was good, not so beautiful than yours.
    Sorry for my english.

  6. JehanP

    Its nice to see that you are using my recipes, I love inspiring others. These recipes posted are recipes from my family and as stated in my blog if you’re using my recipes, credit has to be given to me by posting an active link to my blog or by simply stating the recipes came from Jehan Can Cook.

  7. Crystal

    Do you also have the pastry recipe. My husband is Guyanese and I would love to try to master these for him!

    Thank you

  8. JehanP

    Here’s a wonderful recipe that will makes the best pastry!

    1 1/4 cup flour

    1/4 cup butter, cold

    1/4 cup shortening

    3 tbsp ice cold water

    1 egg yolk

    2 tsp water

    Makes 8-10 tarts

    To make Pastry:

    Mix flour and salt together in a bowl. Using a fork or pastry cutter, cut butter and shortening into flour until the mixture resembles coarse cornmeal. Add 3 tbsp of water and mix until well combined. Wrap in cling wrap and refrigerate for at least 30 mins before using.

  9. Jess

    Thanks for the wonderful recipes! I’m from a family of wonderful Guyanese cooks, who, unfortunately, are very bad at giving recipes. So, when I’m all the way across the country and crave some good home-cooking, I always have to improvise from memory. I was definitely elated to find your blog. Keep up the great work!!

    P.S. I find that adding a teaspoon or so of curry powder to the pastry dough adds a nice little flavor and color!

  10. JehanP

    You’re welcome Jess! I’m happy to know that my recipes will be put to good use. I will have to try that tip the next time I make patties, lord know I love curry!

  11. Patricia

    I stumbled upon your recipe for pine tarts and have made them two weekends in a row for my family. I was born in Guyana, came to NY when I was four. All of my family still lives there and I live in CA, so I am always craving some good old Guyanese sweets. I am making the beef patties tonight for my daughter to take back to college. Next weekend it’s the cheese straws. Thanks a lot!

  12. fazena

    I am very happy happy to find your recipe i made your pineapple tarts they were very yummy, took to work my friends loved it i am so proud of myself. So now i will try your beef patty or chicken. thanks so much.

  13. Michelle

    Thank you so much for this recipe, I’ve been searching the web and you’re the only one who has it…much apprecited!!

  14. Neil

    Jehan! I Love, Love, Love you website! I’ve mad a few things on here already and they came out great! I’m from Trinidad but have a lot of Guyanese friends and I like Guyanese cooking also. It’s hard to ask a West Indian woman for a recipe because they eyeball everything; no measurements whatsoever! 😉 Just a question about these beef patties…: Instead of using a “tartlet pan” can I use something I already have at home? Like a regular baking pan and spread cookie sheet paper or something? I don’t really own a tartlet pan at the moment. Thanks!

  15. JehanP

    Hi Neil, I’m so happy to hear the recipes have all worked!! I plan on making some Trini recipes also, so keep checking for those. As for the tart pan, that’s what gives the Guyanese beef patty it’s shape, however it will still be just as delicious without it :-). A simple solution is to make the patties in the shape of the Jamaican patties. This is as simple as cutting out a circle of pastry and placing the filling on one half and folding it over as seen here. Follow those instructions and it should be fool proof!!

  16. katie

    I will like to buy some patty pan. where can i buy some.

  17. Lolita

    I live in Ottawa, Canada. Would you tell me where I can purchase patty pans please. Thanks

  18. MichaelA

    Looks great! I will definitely try for Xmas when my kids visit for brunch. I live in Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada. Its very cold in the winter so these will help to warm them up!

    I am looking for a good beef Arepa recipe. Some of you may remember a fellow with a shiny steel helmet who used to sell them from a basket at Southern games in Trinidad when I was a kid. His cry was “Get your Arepa here!” as he walked around.

    They were simply amazing.

  19. alasha

    Happy new ,

    i was dieing to get my beef patty i can get anyone to bring it for me so i decided to look up on the net to find a recipe for guyanese patty, cheese roll and here i found a lovely one i will now make my own stuff i don’t have to ask anymore

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  21. GinaB

    I’m about to try this recipe! I noticed in the pastry recipe (above) you forgot to mention salt but in the directions you said to mix flour and salt together. How much salt is required for this recipe? Thanks in advance!

  22. JehanP

    Gina, it’s just a pinch of salt, about 1/8 a tsp.

  23. CocoaG

    Thanks for sharing this recipe. Made it last month and it disappeared in minutes. Going to make it again tonight 🙂

  24. LisaBee

    THANK YOU, THANK YOU so much for sharing this recipe. My parents are Guyanese & my granny used to make these patties, pine tarts & cheese straws for us when we were little….I never did get the recipe from her before she passed so this is GREAT…

  25. Timisha

    I don’t have a tartlet pan, do you think this recipe will work without the pan?

  26. JehanP

    Absolutely, you can use this technique that I used on the <a href="here.“>Jamaican beef patties.

  27. Corinne

    What size are the pans? The patties looks pretty small and how shallow?

  28. JehanP

    Corrine, I don’t know the size of the pan but it is a shallow tart pan.

  29. Winnie Brown

    Where can you get patty pans to buy , In Canada ???

  30. JehanP

    Winnie, I don’t live in Toronto but a there’s a link in the post to where you can purchase the pans. Here it is if you missed it. Tartlette Pans

  31. Ashley

    Hello Jehan,

    Thank you for sharing this recipe. I live just outside Toronto and there’s definitely no Guyanese food options around, only in Toronto. Since my parents are deceased, I have a hard time finding wonderful Guyanese food. Just seeing this makes my mouth water. One of my favourites for sure! Thanks again love!

    Ashley P.

  32. JehanP

    Hi Ashley, you are so welcome! I’m happy I can help you recreate these dishes.

  33. Susan

    Hi Jehan: I bought the Wilton’s whoopie pie pan, do you think that would work for making the beef patties?
    I did check on and they have Nordic Ware Platinum Nonstick Cast Aluminum Tartlette Pan, but not plain. Would that still work if the pans look like that?

    Thanks, I really enjoy your blog/site and am looking forward to making the beef patties and the cookup rice!


  34. Netty

    Hey Jehan. I wondered if you can tell me how much garlic powder to use or if I have to use the actual garlic. I don’t eat meat but trying to make this for my boyfriend and dad.

  35. JehanP

    Hi Netty, about 1 tbsp garlic powder should do the trick.

  36. montana

    Having read this I thought it was very informative. I appreciate you spending some time and effort to
    put this information together. I once again find myself spending way
    too much time both reading and posting comments. But so what, it was still worth it!

  37. Tonya D

    What a delight to find Guyanese beef patty, just slightly different from everything else out there. Thanks for sharing the Caribbean Food. May need to browse some more over here to find something to make with this

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  39. Ariel Wilstead

    Hey Jehan! This recipe looks amazing! I’m definitely surprising my carnivore husband with this later this week!
    If these are more buttery and bettered seasoned than the Jamaican, then I will look no further! I’ve never had guyanese food but your blog has inspired me to do so.
    Have you ever made something like this with more veggies? Do you think chicken would have the same affect as far as deliciousness goes?

  40. JehanP

    Hi Ariel, thank you! I do believe there is a veggie patty recipe here and yes chicken would work! Make sure to use lots of chopped onion, that will keep it moist.

  41. JehanP

    Trista ground chicken will work well, just make sure to add lots of onions to keep it moist.

  42. Annette

    Hi Jehan I am tempted to try this recipe for the beef patties can I substitue using margarine and shortening instead of butter and shortening ?, please let me know?.

  43. Nina

    My Guyanese Mother-in-law, who taught me to cook, would always add green peas, (English peas) frozen, to her meat patties.
    I’m new to your site, love your recipes! Thanks!

  44. JehanP

    Hi Nina, welcome! I sometimes add sweet peas and carrots!

  45. JehanP

    Annette, I wouldn’t suggest making a substitution as it changes the consistency of the dough.