I’ve had countless requests for this recipe so I had to finally buckle down and give the masses what they want.  Truth is fried rice isn’t in my usually rotation of dishes that I make for for family; it’s more of a special occasion meal but I would do anything for you guys!  I mean who doesn’t love fried rice?  It’s quick, simple and delicous. There are a few steps that are important to follow when making fried rice.   Make… Read more »

  I give you permission to lick your screen.  I know I’ve been tempted to do so a couple of times while editing these pictures but I managed to resist the urge and get down to business.   But here’s the good news, this chicken is as good as it looks.   It’s juicy, sweet, salty and fully of that Asian flavor that we all seem to love.   Originally when I created this recipe I was tempted to fry the chicken and… Read more »

Having a young child has made me more creative when it comes to cooking.   It’s not that he’s a picky eater, in fact he eats everything.    While I do cook vegetables on a regular basis and give him fruits daily, I still don’t think he eats enough.  Honestly, most of us don’t meet our daily requirements of fruits and vegetables but easily exceed our limits when it comes to fats, sugars and carbs.  While I’m no nutritionist or health nut,… Read more »