Some of you have noticed my absence and I apologize but sometimes summer gets in the way.   The past few weeks have been filled with BBQs, Festivals, Luncheons, days at the pool and hosting family from out of town so I took a much needed break. While I have not been blogging, boy have I been cooking and eating!!   The 5 lbs gained in the last month is proof of the excess.  My brother and his family were in town,… Read more »

  I had an entire blog post planned and then this happened–> my son crawled for the first time today.     I rarely speak about my private life but as I started to write I realized my heart was filled with melancholy and all I could think of was his new found freedom.   While I watched him wriggle his way across the carpet, my emotions changed from glee and pride to sadness in an instant.    Long before I became a parent,… Read more »

I’m taking advantage of the 7 hour drive back from a getaway to Virginia by taking the time to write a quick post.   I took the last week off from blogging to enjoy the holiday weekend and travel with family.   We took a short drive up to Roanoke, Virginia to visit my sister in law and to bring her daughter back to spend time with her grandmother.   It was also a milestone for my 7 month old; this would be… Read more »