This recipe my friends is something I’m very familiar with.  This is a childhood favorite and a favorite of the Caribbean.  I’m from Guyana and even though we are located in South America our culture and cuisine is Caribbean.   And this is a classic  beverage.  Its simple and easy to make and delicious!   I blended up a small batch for my mom but  this is a recipe you can double and triple to suit your needs.   I urge you to try this..its a simple peanut milkshake or as we refer to it…Peanut Punch.  To kick this up a notch add brandy!! :)

Peanut Punch
2 cups milk

1/2 cup smooth peanut butter

4 tbsp granulated sugar

a pinch of nutmeg

Mix all ingredient in a blender and blend until well combined.  Garnish with a bit of nutmeg.


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20 thoughts on “Peanut Butter and Milk?!?!

  1. Chuck

    I’ve never heard of this drink before. It looks beautiful! I love how the peanut butter sits on top. It sounds a little strange, but I should try it right?

  2. tied up in arizona

    My mom used to make this every night for me! I’ve never been so excited to find a blog! Black Pudding! You must try to make black pudding!

  3. Netty

    I put a little vanilla essence in mine. Sometimes I also use condense milk instead of sugar. Comes out tasty. I love your site by the way.

  4. Rafeena

    I have to show your recipe to my husband. He thinks he’s the pro at making peanut punch. I will make yours for him and then lets see what he thinks!
    Great website and recipes! Makes thinking of what to cook easy!!!

  5. Nicole

    I am ecstatic to have found your blog!!!! My family is guyanese and I grew up eating so many of these foods, but my aunt’s live in NYC and I’m in south Georgia!! I am excited to have recipes with exact measurements!! So much easier than a little of this and some of that!!

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