Hey all, welcome to my corner of the web!  Be sure to follow me on Instagram and Facebook! The recipe for Tennis Rolls seems to be the best kept secret.  Not even What’s Cooking In Guyana cookbook has a recipe, and no one seems to know what gives it it’s unique flavor.    Luckily I found the key to Tennis Rolls’ flavor on Tastes Like Home, the blog of Guyanese author Cynthia Nelson.   Thanks Cynthia!   I must admit at first… Read more »

  Side dishes are so easily overlooked.   When deciding on a menu, you will find that most people think of what meat to cook and how to cook it first; once that is finalized, only then do they think of what to cook on the side when in actuality side dishes can be the star on the plate. How many times have you gone to a restaurant, ordered a fantastic meal but the side dishes are totally uninspired, sort of… Read more »